DERAKHSHAN CHLOR IRANIAN Company (DCI Co.) With experienced personnel and ability in the water and wastewater industry, Able to provide technical and engineering services in water and wastewater treatment systems as follows:

–      Design of atmospheric and pressure vessel with update software (PVELITE)

–      Design of Central control system for drop irrigation include: Hydrocyclone, Sand Filter, Fertilization Tank, Mesh filter, Disk Filter

–      Design of Hydro mechanical module (NEYRPIC)

–      Reverse Osmosis engineering design

–      Water and waste water treatment engineering design

–      DM water treatment engineering design include: ANION Exchanger, CATION exchanger, MIXEDBED exchanger

–      Waste water package engineering design

–      Chemical package and chlorination unit engineering design

–      engineering design of Electrical and control system for water treatment plant